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OnePlus5 will get the Face Unlock feature soon

OnePlus 5 inherently didn’t have a Face Unlock feature, thanks to the newer model OnePlus 5T which shows some leadership qualities by transferring the skills to followers. Currently, only OnePlus 5T has the Face Unlock feature which could also be delivered to OnePlus 5 in a software update said Carl Pei, OnePlus co-founder in a statement on Twitter. Carl said the feature is being rolled out to OnePlus 5 due to the popularity and demand of the feature.

The technology used in the feature is much simpler than iPhone X Face ID feature. The feature only uses the front camera to unlock the phone, making it much faster but less reliable and secure.

The feature is only available for unlocking the phone, unlike the Apple’s iPhone implementation. As far as the security and reliability are concerned Apple’s implementation seems dubious as well.  Researchers recently have tricked Apple’s Face ID with 3D mask and infrared images, the report was published in Bloomberg.

But if the feature is only being used to quickly unlock the phone then it’s better to keep it using, things are improving with the latest technology somehow and you will see the secure and reliable Face ID feature in the next few updates.

OnePlus didn’t mention the time frame for delivering the Face feature to OnePlus 5 However, it wasn’t found in the latest Oxygen OS5.0 update based on Android Oreo. OnePlus also didn’t comment on the older devices whether they are getting this feature or not, most likely the older devices will not be able to get this feature.


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