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Only PS5 Console Sold More Than Switch In 3 Years


Nintendo’s Switch came onto the market in March 2017 and has since shown a success story that is more than impressive. They dominated the market even when the new consoles were released. But now this streak ended.

The Japanese manufacturer may have thought, or at least hoped, that Nintendo’s hybrid console Switch has what it takes to be a huge success. The fact that the device would be such a hit and long-running was probably not thought of, even in the boldest prognoses. But now an impressive run has ended, because in the USA, for the first time in almost three years, another game console has managed to sell more than the Nintendo Switch.

PlayStation 5 beats Switch for the first time

More specifically, the Sony PlayStation 5 was able to sell more devices than the Switch in the US in September 2021, according to market research company NPD Group The Verge reported. The Nintendo console was able to stay at the top of the charts for 33 months.

There are probably several reasons why the PlayStation 5 has only now passed the Switch for the first time: On the one hand, the PlayStation 5 (like the Xbox Series X) is still plagued by delivery problems, and it is and will not be easy to get a device.

The Switch should have benefited from this, especially at the beginning. Because it’s hard to imagine that PlayStation 5 and probably also Xbox Series X would have ended up behind the Switch in the first weeks and months of its release if there had been enough copies.

The fact that the PS5 was able to overtake the Nintendo device in September probably also has another reason: The OLED model of the Switch came onto the market recently, which means that some people probably waited to buy a device in September. But that also means that Nintendo will probably conquer the top again in October. 

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