OpenAI fears a DDoS attack, which is why ChatGPT is still unavailable

As of now, we have all heard that ChatGPT is down. The platform has been experiencing outages for the last 24 hours. Yesterday, the chatbot was down for a brief period of about 90 minutes. However, users are having trouble gaining access to ChatGPT. Several users took to X (Twitter) and DownDetector to report the issue.

The organization is experiencing sporadic outages as a result of anomalous traffic indicative of a Distributed Denial-of-service attack, according to OpenAI’s status checker. “We are still working to lessen this,” the company stated in a post from yesterday at 10:49 PM ET. Since then, the company has not shared any further updates. The platform is still inaccessible to web users. Besides this, users can’t even access the new GPT builder.

What is a DDoS attack?

Access to an online body is disrupted, possibly due to a DDoS attack. There is no confirmation whether OpenAI is attacked by a DDoS or the service is down due to a huge number of visits by the users. Perhaps the company will share more details soon. Users can look for alternatives to access ChatGPT. Furthermore, you can get in-depth information about how to resolve ChatGPT problems. The present ChatGPT downtime might last until OpenAI fixes its anomalous inbound traffic problems.

How do I check if ChatGPT is still down?

Visiting OpenAI’s status page is the simplest method to find out ChatGPT’s current status. The notice “Elevated error rates on all models” suggests that there is still a problem with the service side. ChatGPT is unavailable to all users, not just you. If that page isn’t loading for you either, try using a third-party service like Down Detector.

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