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OpenCore Computer Creates Trouble For Apple


Computers with macOS apart from iMac, Macbook: What Apple doesn’t like to see is followed by a lively community under the heading “Hackintosh“. Now OpenCore Computer with a PC with double OS seems to be trying the uprising against the tech giant.

A “Hackintosh without compromise” should cause trouble

It is well known that Apple likes to erect an apparently impenetrable fence around its hardware and software. This can also be seen from the fact that the company is vehemently taking action against commercial providers who want to sell systems with pre-installed MacOs – this happened, among other things, with the US company Psystar, which was prohibited in 2009 on the basis of copyright law from offering such computers. Now OpenCore Computer is preparing to get into the ring again for Hackintoshs against Apple – but there are doubts about the “David against Goliath” image that the company is sticking to.

First of all: As AppleInsider writes, OpenCore Computer has presented its first computer system under the heading “Uncompromising Hackintosh”, in which macOS Catalina is preinstalled in addition to Windows 10 Pro. According to the company, the MacOS installation is “professionally installed with the OpenCore bootloader”, all functions, including handoff and continuity, should work like a normal Mac. The first model “Velociraptor” can be equipped with AMD processors with 8, 12, and 16 cores and with up to 64 GB RAM. The AMD Radeon VII GPU is the top of the range for the graphics card. The hardware comes in a Mini-ITX case, the starting price is $ 2199.


All of this may well be of interest to the Hackintosh community, but real doubts remain that OpenCore Computer will ever bring this product to customers this way. So it is unlikely that Apple will use all of its power to try to stop the purchase based on the violation of the MacOs Terms of Service. The provider seems very aware of this and points out in the store that the “tortuous macOS EULA agreement” limits the payment options to Bitcoin. One thing is certain: in the event of a dispute with Apple, customers would definitely be rid of their money.

There is also another factor that puts OpenCore computers in a bad light: The name of the company clearly refers to the boot loader OpenCore, but the developers distance themselves very clearly and in drastic terms from the project: “It is shocking and disgusting that some dishonest people we don’t even know dare use the name and logo of our OpenCore bootloader to advertise illegal criminal fraud, “the statement said. “Be warned that we are not connected to these people.”

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