Oppo is Entering the Electric Vehicle Industry

After Xiaomi and Huawei, we now learned that OPPO is showing its interest to enter the electric vehicle market. The company is found to be learning about the industry,

It is interesting to know that smartphone manufacturers are entering the auto market. First, we heard Xiaomi and Huawei entered the domain, and now we hear that Oppo is also making an entrance.

According to a leak, the company is involved in investigations and understandings about car building, but it has not yet formally established the project.

According to the leak, Oppo CEO Chen Mingyong recently had a meeting with CATL China Passenger Car Division and China Automotive Research Institute. We also learned that Wu Henggang, Vice President of Oppo Software Engineering, and Guo Yandong, the chief scientist who joined Oppo from Xiaopeng Motors, are two very serious personnel giving a new direction the company.

On the other hand, we learned some updated from Xiaomi’s electric vehicle project. The project is still in its initial phases, and the company is recruiting a workforce for the new domain.

It is also expected tha that the Xiaomi electric car will come under 300,000 yuan.