OPPO’s Find N3 series puts the Galaxy Fold’s longevity to test


Regarding the robustness of its Find N3 series foldables, Oppo has made a bold assertion in the rapidly developing field of foldable smartphones. According to the business, the Find N3 Flip and Find N3 have an astounding 1 million folds of TUV Rhineland certification.

On paper, at least, this claim puts Samsung’s fifth-generation Z Flip and Fold devices up against the competition. Comparing the 200,000-fold rating to OPPO’s products, there appears to be a significant difference in durability. Although these are just numbers, anyone may see them and compare them to this.

OPPO claimed 1M folds certification

The rationale for this rating modification is still unclear. A better outcome may have been achieved by altering the testing procedures. But the business hasn’t given any precise information. Perhaps OPPO was being a little careful with the figures, and the device eventually fared better in a test that was more uniformly administered. On the other hand, Samsung works with Bureau Veritas, an alternative certifying organization, and they have officially given the Galaxy Z Flip 5 a 200,000-fold rating.

Samsung’s foldable portfolio lacks the substantially higher fold certification of Oppo’s Find N3 series. Practical durability, however, can vary depending on several variables. As an illustration, the IPX8 water-resistance grade of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 5 and Galaxy Z Fold 5 guarantees protection against immersion in water. Oppo’s foldables, on the other hand, are rated IPX4 and merely offer splash protection.

The fact that the tests are run virtually nonstop is a crucial one. Therefore, in the presence of foreign objects, it is unable to quantify the natural deterioration process that would occur in the hinge components over the course of the next two to three years of use. Better ingress protection (IP rating) may be advantageous in this situation, especially for the Galaxy foldable.

OPPO is giving numbers a lot of weight. Whether its Find N3 series can, however, perform better in real-world use than Samsung’s fifth-generation Galaxy foldables will only become clear with time.

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