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Order your Free Smog-Kits Via Uber and Stay Smog-Free-Lahore

We are all aware of the famous smog that has been engulfing the province Punjab since some days especially Lahore. Smog can cause serious health issues varying from coughing to eye infections to headaches to breathing issues, etc.

Uber is all about facilitating the residents of the city it is operating in, may that be any as in the present scenario it is Lahore, so Uber is inclined to make the life of locals much easier by proving an easy navigation through the smoggy landscape.

Uber has collaborated with AugmentCare for the supply of free smog kits to its riders so that they may feel protected and secure while performing their daily commutes.

For ordering the kit one simply has to open the Uber app (provided its downloaded otherwise first download it) on the 12th of November that is today, then move the slider to the “Smog Kit” option and tap on “Request”.

AugmentCare is a one-stop answer to everything related to healthcare—Provision of assistance, advice and convenient facilities in one-stop services like the bookings, appointments, video calls, prescriptions, stay at home lab services and more.

On Sunday, a smog kit could be requested from 11 am to 3 pm and in case if an Uber car is available nearby it will head your way to deliver the free “smog kit”.

The demand would be high so keep requesting to get the kit.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Uber is neither responsible nor guarantees for the effectiveness of the smog kits.

Peoples’ Responses:

The people who have received their kits did not hesitate to express their gratitude towards Uber. Some of their tweets are posted below:



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