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Rollup update KB5015207 for Windows 11 22H2 launch optimizations

After releasing the Windows 11 feature update 22H2 for the Release Preview channel, Microsoft launched two minor updates in a short time. These are optional but cumulative updates. There is currently not much information about the changes in the versions. Two more, only slightly modified build versions were released in the beta program. The Windows 11 version originally released for the Release Preview channel had build number 22621. Shortly after the initial release on June 7, the cumulative update KB5015207 followed, which increased the build number to 22621.3.

Rollup update KB5015207 with updated builds

Then came another rollup update KB5015207 to build 22621.4. The latest build is available as a manual download to Windows Insiders through the Beta and Release Preview channels. The cumulative update KB5015207 is generally not yet available for installation via Windows Update. Information on installing such updates can be found in our FAQ on installing the new Windows 11 version 22H2. Details about KB5015207 are still missing from the Knowledge Base. This is nothing new as far as these are still insider updates. However, the Windows team had at least published more detailed information on the Windows blog in the past. That has not happened so far either.

Therefore, at the moment one can only speculate about the changes that these updates will bring. Microsoft probably responded to update issues and error messages for the first users during the release process. Since these are optional or rather manual updates, the development team can provide smaller updates at any time and verify the effects of the changes using diagnostic tools. The update process itself is constantly improved during the so-called roll-out phase. According to the report, the KB5015207 update has already been released with the addition “release_svc_oem”. This means that Microsoft’s hardware partners (OEMs: Original Equipment Manufacturers) are already receiving the latest version for Windows 11 22H2 for testing, so they can be shipped on new PCs at a later date.

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