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AMD driver fixes poor OpenGL performance for Windows 11 22H2

With the release of the Windows 11 feature update version 22H2, AMD is also working on improvements. As is known by now, the company is working on a driver update that will address Radeon’s poor OpenGL performance compared to the competition. Since the next Windows 11 version has already arrived in the Release Preview channel, the tests from Microsoft’s hardware partner are now running at full speed. This also includes driver tests from the major graphics card manufacturers.

Like every major Windows update, Microsoft is also testing a new version of Microsoft’s graphics driver architecture for Windows 11 in the Insider channel, which is apparently called WDDM (Windows Display Driver Model) 3.1. There is little information about it. Nvidia has already released a first update suitable for Windows 11 version 22H2 (we reported). Now it’s AMD’s turn – and this update brings some very interesting changes, according to insiders, reports Neowin online magazine.

OpenGL Performance

AMD’s new driver with Windows 11 22H2 WDDM 3.1 support should finally fix Radeon’s relatively poor OpenGL performance. For a long time, AMD’s drivers and graphics performance was below average when compared to Nvidia’s drivers for OpenGL. This is one of the reasons AMD developed the “Mantle API” to get an edge over low-level graphics.

With the latest 22H2 Insider builds for Windows 11, Microsoft now also offers the AMD pre-release 31.0.12000.20010 UWP driver. This driver package also includes the 22.05 OpenGL beta driver, which greatly increases the performance of AMD GPUs in OpenGL applications. The performance boost was discovered by members of the Guru3D Forums.

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