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Outlook Web Project Would Soon Be Available In Preview

Project monarch

Microsoft currently has to keep countless mail clients alive but has been striving for an all-in-one Outlook solution with Project Monarch for some time. There are now indications that a first preview of the modern web client for mail will soon be available in a preview.

Project Monarch getting ready for first appearance

The eventful history of mail solutions at Microsoft ensures that applications that sound very similar can and should take on very different tasks. Although for many users Outlook is the best-known synonym for the Group’s mail solutions, Microsoft has a lot of balls in the air at the same time with the Outlook Web Application, Outlook.com, and Mail for Windows, and Outlook for Mac. As we reported at the beginning of the year, work is underway here under the name Project Monarch to establish the current web version of Outlook as an all-in-one solution.

As Zac Bowden from Windows Central writes, there is more movement in the project. Accordingly, Microsoft is currently aiming to present the new Outlook client in a public preview “in the next one to two months” for the first time. This could significantly undercut earlier estimates for a start if Project Monarch had not previously expected major movements before 2022. As always, the following apply of course: until an official announcement by Microsoft, all data that third parties communicate here must be treated with caution.

Outlook, nothing else

However, detail is then also disseminated with the current wave of messages – and thus fits in well with the history of the mail client. Microsoft intends to give Project Monarch a very unique name when it is launched: Outlook. This leaves no doubt for future users at least as to which Outlook should take over all tasks here.

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