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Outlook Web Will Have New Feature AI-Optimized Emails

Microsoft is starting the next interesting update for Outlook on the web with a new function. First of all, business customers are given the opportunity to write AI-optimized emails. Microsoft announced this some time ago.

This is reported by the online magazine OnMSFT and goes into the current roadmap for Outlook. Microsoft is therefore working on an intelligent function for Outlook on the web, which should help users to communicate more effectively via e-mail. The company has announced in the Microsoft 365 admin center that the function will be available for business customers from September.

AI helps with “tone detection”

The new feature is described as “tone detection”. This means that an AI searches the texts according to their tonality and can thus identify possible misunderstandings due to incorrect expressions. Suggestions for improvement are made to the user so that communication becomes clearer. The Grammarly service had already introduced something similar a few months ago, and now Microsoft has soon implemented a corresponding function.

As soon as the function is introduced, Outlook on the web will bring tone recognition for Microsoft Editor. The feature analyzes the text style for various signals in the e-mail in real-time and automatically offers typing suggestions to improve the tone. According to Microsoft, the suggestions are generated based on data collected from AI models. However, the company will not store any news content on its servers. “These suggestions allow the user to communicate more clearly and in the desired tone to prevent misinterpretation,” said the company.

The function will only be tested for business customers at the start and will be deactivated by default. If you want, you can activate the corresponding Microsoft Editor settings in the menu.

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