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Pay directly for music subscription on Spotify via Android devices

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Google was charged with antitrust allegations in the EU. Now, a first-of-a-kind billing system has been announced by Google along with Spotify. It enables the users to choose an alternative option for bill payment of their music subscriptions. The new billing system is named ‘User Choice Billing’. Although, the new payment method is not just restricted to Spotify users but to all other Android apps and their billing systems.

As of now, Google has initiated a pilot project with Spotify. Since Google Play aims to introduce the User Choice Billing system in more markets including the US. Given the User Choice of Billing, Play Store apps could utilize their native payment system as well as Google Play. As of September 2022. Google initiated the sign-ups for non-gaming apps in the European Economic Area (EEA), Japan, Australia, Indonesia, and India.

As per the User Choice Billing, the Android app and other such services will now present a more integrated system for payments. It will avoid the hassle of redirecting to web pages or sign-up forms for any service. The User Choice Billing presents the users with two distinct choices. They can pay for their music subscription either through Spotify or Google Play. Paying via Google Play will take the users along the commonly used payment process. While payment via Spotify will require the users to subscribe or pay via a credit card from on Spotify app.

In addition to Spotify, the popular dating app Bumble has also joined the User Choice Billing pilot program. The new payment method is spreading across the world. It is already available in the US, South Africa, and Brazil. Apps are required to pay the applicable fee to Google. It is necessary in order to support the investments in Google Play and Android. If apps opt for UCB for payment, they will receive a 4% discount on the fee.

According to Google, it will continue working with the teams and spread the new system across selected countries in the upcoming months.

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