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Spotify rolls out native ARM client for Windows in beta

Spotify has released a new beta update for the music client for Windows. What’s special about it: There is no native support for Windows PCs with ARM processors. If you want, you can try the update now. Spotify has good news for users with ARM-based Windows computers.

After more than two years of discussion about why the music streamer had not yet been offered for ARM PC, there is now an official update. Meanwhile, the latest beta version of Spotify for Windows brings not only improvements but also the first optimizations for ARM64, meaning Windows PCs with ARM processors can now run the beta app natively. The music service has announced this on its official forums. This comes from a report by Neowin online magazine.

Feedback requested

In the forum post, Spotify refers to the link to download (for the beta client as .exe) and now asks ARM users to try the new version and send feedback.

Known bugs

However, according to Spotify, the app still has issues with some video podcasts. Instead of playing an episode, Spotify prompts the user to update the client. The company recommends viewing the broken podcasts in a browser to work around this issue. In addition, users who want to try the ARM-optimized version must first uninstall the regular app, Spotify writes.

Windows ARM customers can use the regular Spotify app using an emulation. A native app, on the other hand, offers better efficiency and performance.

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