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Pixel 6 Users Reported Network Problems

Google Pixel 6

The new Google Pixel 6 family is struggling with network problems in Europe after the last update. It is currently recommended not to install the update – or to uninstall it again if necessary.

Google released the December Android patch for the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro earlier this week. That meant it was already late, for reasons not mentioned it had been delayed a little this month. Now, however, users who have already received the update report a series of error messages. After the first sighting, the problems seem to focus on Europe and on the network connections.

Investigation underway, the cause is unclear

Initially, there were reports from those affected in Germany, France, Belgium, and Spain, all of whom reported a noticeable loss of the network signal on their devices. This goes so far that in many cases devices have no cellular connection at all. As a result, phone calls were interrupted or did not come off at all – which could have serious consequences in an emergency. Reports of the problem have surfaced on Reddit, Google’s support forums, and now the Google Issue Tracker.

The cause of the problem is not clear. The December patch is certainly to blame for these network issues on Pixel 6 devices. Some users, especially on Reddit, speculate that Google may have rolled out the wrong update with the A1 update instead of A4: The A1 version is intended for global, unlocked devices that are used by operators that do not have specific changes to demand. The A4 update is only intended for these specific network operators. However, after further research, the error seems to appear regardless of which build is installed.

A Google spokesman has already told 9to5Google about the issued a statement but said the connectivity issue was unrelated to software build, as many speculated. The company says the builds that were rolled out are not fake, and that both updates have the same features and functionality, and that there is “no benefit” in using one version over another in different regions.

Problem is being investigated

Google added that it will be “actively investigating” this issue and will provide more information as it becomes available. At this time, the best solution is to downgrade to an earlier patch.

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