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Play Stores are flooded with fleeceware ChatGPT apps by scammers

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With the launch of ChatGPT, the field of artificial intelligence is booming. Nowadays several companies and people are using AI tools. Furthermore, such developments have also grabbed the attention of scammers. A report from Sophos security researchers indicates that scammers have flooded the Play stores with fleeceware ChatGOT apps. They are attempting to charge users for subscription fees under the semblance of free trials.

What are fleeceware apps?

In contrast to the malware, fleeceware apps work by making users pay via deceptive means. The current fleece apps used to scam users are related to ChatGPT. These scammers are taking advantage of the fact that there is no official ChatGPT mobile app as yet. Their target is the users who have just come to know about ChatGPT and they have no idea of how to utilize it.

Let’s make it more clear for our readers with an example. You will find an app named Open Chat GBT app on Android for free. Once a user downloads the app, the app shows constant ads until or unless they buy the premium tier. The fact that these threat actors submit their apps for review without fully disclosing the subscription price details makes it difficult for customers to comprehend the payment structure. Where Google and Apple both have policies in place for developers to offer in-app payments.

“I frequently noticed advertisements for these kinds of apps on social media platforms where it is inexpensive to advertise. They employ strategies like using misspellings in the name—calling the app “Chat GBT” or other names—to filter out individuals who may be a little more sophisticated. They’re attempting to screen out those who would sign up for the free trial and then cancel it after realizing how awful it is. They want those people, according to Sean Gallagher, a senior security researcher at Sophos, who aren’t focused enough to know how to unsubscribe.

Beware of such scams

Tech companies like Google and Apple will take the necessary action. However, the users need to be careful on their end as well. Users must know the potential threats of downloading an official app. As of now, OpenAI has not introduced any official app for Android users. However, the company has introduced an official iOS app. Android users must access ChatGPT on their mobile by visiting the official website. Besides this, users should practice caution prior to downloading an app besides thoroughly reviewing the subscription policies.

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