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According to reports, Twitter bought the IT recruitment startup Laskie

In 2022, Elon Musk acquired Twitter. Since then, the social media platform has gone several modifications. These changes could be referred to as means of more revenue streams that could eventually help attract more users to the platform. As of now, some reports indicate that Twitter has acquired Laskie in order to make it the ultimate place for job seekers.

Reportedly, Laskie is a two-year-old startup. It is an expert in matching applicants with tech jobs. Well, this decision is followed by the announcement of Musk signing off from the CEO position. There are no details about the particular deal between the two companies. however, according to some experts, this step could be a game changer for Twitter. Since the user base of Twitter will be facilitated in ways never seen before.

All you need to know about Laskie

Chris Bakke founded Laskie back in 2021. The platform is user-centric because of this approach it was successful in gaining traction from the users. It provided excellent opportunities for connecting job seekers and employers. According to Laskie, its goal is to bring together employers and job seekers who are really interested in hiring people with interests and abilities that match theirs. This information was available on the About page of Laskie which is now deleted.

Almost 80% of candidates were successful in acquiring jobs by using this platform. After the news about Laskie’s acquisition came out, the official website disappeared leaving its users in confusion. One thing to notice here is that the user base of Laskie is decreasing in the US. However, this recent step by Musk is an indication of his “X, the everything app” vision, just like well-known apps like WeChat and Kakao.

As of now, we have LinkedIn as the most famous platform in this space. However, the recent efforts by Twitter things have the potential to turn around. Given the fact that Twitter has a high user base and engagement rate, the new strategy could be really helpful for companies and job seekers.

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