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PlayStation 5: Sony Delays Unveiling PlayStation 5 Due To U.S. Protests

PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 launch is already delayed due to pandemic, earlier it was reported that Sony is likely to unveil PlayStation 5 in May,

Due to the tense situation in the USA, Sony decided to postpone the PS5 event planned for June 4. In addition to insight into the gameplay of the first games, the final design of the PlayStation 5 was also expected to be revealed this week.

Following the riots in the United States, Sony is now responding by canceling its digital PS5 event, which was scheduled for June 4. It was announced on the PlayStation Twitter channel: “We do not believe that the time to celebrate has come and for the moment we want to hold back and let more important voices have their say.” The Japanese manufacturer thus joins Google, among others, who have also postponed their Android 11 keynote for an indefinite period.

The tech and gaming industry is cautious

The reason for the protests in the United States is the police violence caused by the death of Afro-American citizen George Floyd, which has led to unrest in many American cities. Despite the current coronavirus pandemic and a curfew still associated with it, Americans gather in many places to demonstrate against police violence. Many companies find it inappropriate to draw attention to the tech and gaming industry. Sony was not only expected to present new PS5 games this week but also to disclose the PlayStation 5 design. 

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While Microsoft has revealed almost all the details and first games of the next-gen console Xbox Series X, Sony now seems to be on the move. However, both manufacturers remain silent about an exact release date and, above all, the prices. Due to the technical equality and a parallel start in the fourth quarter of 2020, the price could ultimately be decisive before the game selection or graphics performance.

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