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PlayStation 5: Sony Reaches Out Third-party Publishers For Exclusive Deals


In order to be able to stand out from the other consoles, Sony would like to negotiate many exclusive deals with third-party publishers for the PlayStation 5. It was recently announced that the Avengers character Spider-Man will only be included in the PlayStation editions of the game.

However, that should only have been the beginning. An insider would like to have found out. The information was leaked to the journalist Imran Khan. As he describes in the Resetera forum, the console manufacturer is said to have invested a lot of money in order to be able to conclude exclusive deals with “almost all” third-party developers.

With this strategy, Sony would like to be able to assert itself against the competition from Microsoft, the Xbox Series X. The third-party developers are said to have reacted mostly positively to the offers so that there should be a lot of exclusive content for the PlayStation 5. Sony would like to use the terms “PlayStation Advantage” and “Console Exclusive” later on for this.

Microsoft was also interested in deals

In addition to Sony, Microsoft is said to have been interested in exclusive deals with third-party publishers. The Redmond company is said to have offered significantly lower sums, so most developers have signed their contracts with Sony. It is still unclear what amounts of money are involved.

It remains to be seen whether the information turns out to be true. So far, Sony has not published an official statement as to which exclusive deals the console manufacturer would like to conclude with the third-party publishers. The company may comment on this in the coming weeks. Sony is apparently planning to hold another event this month. Here then news about the next-gen console and the games will be announced. But there is no date yet.

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