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WhatsApp New Feature To Allow Users Switch Between iOS And Android Easily

WhatsApp Beta Features

The Facebook subsidiary WhatsApp is said to be working on a new function that will significantly simplify the transfer of the chat history between iPhones and Android devices. Thanks to the synchronization, no third-party software is required for the smartphone move.

WhatsApp users who want to move from an Apple iPhone to an Android smartphone and vice versa are still faced with the problem of data transfer. The two ecosystems use their own backup processes in iCloud and Google Drive to move messages, photos, and voice messages. However, if you want to break out of the respective “walled garden”, software from third-party providers must currently be used for the change, which in most cases cope with the transfers more poorly than well. However, this could soon be over.

Simple synchronization instead of a backup

Like the blog, WABetaInfo, which specializes in WhatsApp beta information, reports, Facebook is to work on a cross-device synchronization of the chat process. This should come into play as soon as the messenger, allows the use of an account on several independent devices. Even if this function has not yet been officially confirmed, the first indications of it can already be seen in a beta version of WhatsApp for the Google Android operating system. In addition, the process of transferring the WhatsApp backup should already be known. According to the report, the data transfer is automatically triggered as soon as a new device is to be added to the WhatsApp account. 

For this, the primary smartphone and the target device must be in the WLAN in order to be able to handle larger amounts of data. After downloading the chat history, both devices can be used independently of each other. In the future, all messages will then simply be synchronized. The bloggers have not yet been able to fully reconstruct the function due to the lack of beta versions for Apple iOS, but assume that the transfer between iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Windows 10, and Android should also take place without problems.

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