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PlayStation Black Edition Comes With Red Lighting

PS5 Black Edition

The next-gen console PlayStation 5 is said to already show official marketing material in a “Black Edition“. Pictures of the black color variant have been circulating on the net for days. It could be an alternative to the white PS5 design or a special edition.

As with every console launch, the design of the PlayStation 5 meets with praise and criticism. Many players have gotten used to the black color of the Sony systems in recent years, which is why the white version of the PS5 is causing discussion. The first promotional material could now confirm that a possible black edition is planned. This should be available to the Resetera forum user “BarrBarr”, who shares pictures with the community. The red lighting of the console should be a special highlight.

Illustration causes joy and skepticism among Sony fans

In the further course of the PlayStation 5 contribution, Sony fans not only express their joy about the “Knight Rider” -like the look but also bring the image in connection with a possible special edition for the upcoming PS5 game Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Resourceful users, however, doubt the authenticity of the published photo. In some places of the material, there are remnants of the blue lighting and white elements in the area of ​​the dual sense controller. It cannot be ruled out that this could be a “well-made” forgery.

There is also discussion as to whether Sony will offer interchangeable sidewalls at the launch of PlayStation 5 in the fourth quarter of 2020, through which players can personalize the console design. However, that would put the sales figures of possible limited editions of the PS5 at a low blow. However, Sony should recognize that the demand for a black color variant has increased significantly since the official unveiling. The latest released concept video by designer “Snoreyn” shows what a Black Edition of PlayStation 5 could really look like.

As with the price and official release date, Sony has yet to confirm further colors. Experts expect the Japanese manufacturer to launch its new console and PS5 digital edition without a Blu-ray drive in November. Interested parties should expect a price range of between 450 to 680 dollars. The same applies to Microsoft’s competitors Xbox Series X.

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