PlayStation Mobile’s head has departed from the company

Some recent pieces of information suggest that the head of PlayStation Mobile has left the company. There is no information about the reason for Nicola Sebastiani’s departure. However, some sources indicate that the executive left the company to explore a new opportunity.

Well, this is quite surprising news. Sony established the PlayStation Mobile division back in July 2021. It is a new and fresh category in the company’s gaming sector. Until now, the company has not released any game under this category.

Just after the conception of the new PlayStation Mobile division, Sebastiani entered the company as head. Previously, Sebastiani was serving at Apple as head of business management and content lead for Apple Arcade. He assisted Sony in acquiring Savage Game Studios when he was still with SIE. Despite the fact that the studio was only recently founded in 2020, it was already hard at work on a high-quality live-service action game for mobile. This will now be introduced under the PlayStation Mobile banner.

Sony has appointed the new head of PlayStation Mobile

The progress and performance of a company slow down in the absence of a leader. To avoid such a situation, the company has already replaced the head. Some recent pieces of information suggest that Kris Davies and Olivier Courtemanche have been appointed as co-heads of PlayStation Mobile. Previously, both have served as part of the SIE team. They joined the company back in 2022. Currently, there is no information regarding the games that will be released under this division.

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