In the absence of a rollback of the API changes, hackers threaten to release Reddit data


Back in February, the servers of Reddit were hacked. As of now, given the current chaos regarding blackout and API policy, the hackers are threatening the company to reverse the changes or in another case they will release the hacked data. This information comes from Bleeping Computer (via The Verge).

Back at the time of the data hack, no party came forward to claim responsibility. However, yesterday, BlackCat claimed that it was behind the ransomware group. Almost 80 GB of compressed data was hacked via a phishing attack. Unless Reddit pays $4.5 million and reverses the pricing changes for APIs that will take effect on July 1, according to BlackCat, the data will be made available to the public.

BlackCat claims that it has access to confidential data. The information is relevant to Reddit’s tracking the users. in accordance with the latest pieces of information, BlackCat assumes that Reddit won’t compromise, and it anticipates releasing the hacked data. Back then, Reddit claimed that the hack didn’t affect user information like passwords, accounts, or credit card details. However, the company claimed that code, internal dashboards, and internal documentation were impacted.

Reddit is getting ready to start charging developers for access to its API while BlackCat demands a rollback of the API. Popular third-party Reddit clients like Apollo are going out of business due to Reddit’s fees. The API changes have sparked protests in the form of subreddit blackouts. Although these blackouts have impacted the platform’s daily traffic.

According to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman, the firm has no plans to alter its new API revenue model in response to the unfavorable comments, and it is unlikely that it will alter its API price as a result of the fear of data leaks.

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