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Portugal is considering prohibiting Huawei from using its national 5G networks

Some recent pieces of information coming from Portugal are not good for the Chinese company Huawei. As per the recent information, Portugal could take some measures that will prohibit Huawei and other Chinese companies from using its 5G buildouts. A report from Bloomberg indicates that the Portuguese government suggested banning the local carriers from obtaining 5G equipment from suppliers that do not fall on the list of the European Union or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) or the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED).

In this perspective, the Portuguese Higher Council issued a statement last Thursday which indicates that according to the government, the firms that are based outside of the above-mentioned regions pose a threat to the security of Portugal’s wireless networks. Do note that the name of Huawei or other Chinese firms like ZTE has not been mentioned in documents. But given the fact that China is not a member of NATO, the EU, or the OCED, it could be prohibited from utilizing Portugal’s 5G networks in case the cabinet passes the security council’s recommendation.

Responding to this situation, a spokesperson from Huawei told Financial Times that the company has no knowledge about this neither Huawei has been approached on this debate. He added, Huawei has collaborated with Portuguese carriers for the past 20 years to expand wireless networks and offer high-caliber services that link millions of people. We will continue to adhere to all current rules and regulations and serve Portuguese consumers and partners who depend on our products and services.

Portugal, which has had cordial ties with the East Asian superpower for years, would abruptly flip around if it forbade Chinese corporations from participating in its 5G networks. Portugal has received a significant amount of Chinese investment per capita in recent years, according to the Financial Times. In addition to this, the biggest telecom provider in the nation, Altice Portugal, agreed to deploy Huawei gear as part of its 5G launch back win 2018.

Well, if the Portuguese government passes this bill, then it will join Canada and some other EU countries that have recently restricted the company from utilizing their 5G networks. Some other countries that have banned Huawei include Denmark, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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