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#ProjectBeyond: Nvidia is chanting for a live stream on September 20th

Under the hashtag #ProjectBeyond, Nvidia has been drumming on all channels since today for a live stream on September 20 for the GTC 2022. It is intended to be aimed at “PC enthusiasts”. It is obvious that it is about GeForce RTX 4000. However, it is not yet clear what exactly the project and event titles are supposed to indicate.

GeForce Beyond Special Broadcast

The second GTC of the year, Nvidia’s in-house exhibition, will take place from September 19th to 20th as a virtual event. It has long been known that Nvidia’s CEO Huang will die on September 20 at 5 p.m. German time will hold a keynote In any case, news from the AI, omniverse and automotive sectors was expected. However, there was still a question mark behind the topic “GeForce” – also because Nvidia had usually reserved a separate event for the next generation GeForce. so lets Nvidia know: “PC enthusiasts” should not miss the “GeForce Beyond Special Broadcast.

Parallel to and thus part of the keynote?

This event is also scheduled for September 20 at 5:00 p.m. German time Nvidia GeForce account on YouTube instead of. If Nvidia does not postpone the keynote for the GTC 2022 in September, the “Special Broadcast” would have to take place as part of this event.

“Project Beyond” = RTX 4000?

Regardless, the final confirmation that it will be about GeForce RTX 4000 is still pending. And it’s definitely not a coincidence. “Beyond GeForce”, the chosen type of teaser including the crystal ball emoticon encourages speculation, which benefits the actual goal of promoting the event. Exactly what information Huang might make public on this subject remains to be seen. Most recently, the rumor mill assumed that only the new provisional top model GeForce RTX 4090 with AD102 GPU would make it onto the market for the time being.

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