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Pixel 8: Google may rely on Samsung’s 3nm GAA production

According to media reports from South Korea, Google will rely on Samsung’s new 3nm production technology for the Pixel 8 in 2023. For Samsung, this would be an image gain, because many other manufacturers have recently turned their backs on the company as contract manufacturers.

Samsung’s chip yield a favorite

As a foundry, Samsung has been struggling lately. There were always rumors that production was not running smoothly, especially with the latest production processes, and that there was always a poor yield, that is, the yield of functional chips according to the specifications. Because of this, several manufacturers have recently done at least two things or are turning away from Samsung as a foundry for the time being: for example, Nvidia would have full confidence in TSMC again, while Qualcomm is also producing at least a few high-end SoCs from Samsung to TSMC, smaller chips, but can continue to be produced by Samsung.

The differences between, for example, Samsung’s 4nm process and the TSMC 4nm process recently proved Qualcomm right, although other manufacturers are now also stepping in Samsung’s favor. Ambarella recently explained that there was definitely a yield problem at the start of 5nm, but that process is now running very well. It should be similar to other processes, but the CEO also explains.

When we started working with Samsung’s five nanometer yield, that was a problem. But now we are ready to produce. And in fact, we’re in production for — in the second quarter. And I can say that the yield is not a problem. It can — continue to be improved. But I don’t think that’s a problem for us anymore, because we’ve been working with our foundry supplier for years.

And for any advanced node, it is a similar experience in the beginning that the yield is low, and we work with our foundry partner to improve it. And I don’t think I’m going to do that right now — I think this five nanometer yield is definitely within the normal range and could be further improved in the near future. Fermi Wang, Chief Executive Officer of Ambarella

So Samsung will not be written off under any circumstances. Samsung wants to keep playing in the future and is investing billions in the company. However, the new production with the first use of gate-all-around transistors should decide a lot about Samsung’s future. If that works, Samsung may be able to expand its position, but if it doesn’t, difficult years lie ahead.

According to media reports, Google must continue to trust that Samsung can do it. The SoC expected for the Pixel 7 this fall is also said to have been manufactured by Samsung, is the message from South Korea at the end of May. It remains to be seen whether it will eventually be 3GAA for the product after the next or the updated 4nm process.

Pixels are generally not absolute high-end devices and do not need the very best products, which is also reflected in the price. And so, BusinessKorea’s report soon brings 4nm manufacturing into play as a possible solution.

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