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PTA Is Introducing A System To Block Stolen & Lost Phones

‘Mobile Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking Regulations’ have been notified by PTA to block all those phones from Pakistan that are either stolen, lost or have no duplicate or non-standard identifier.

PTA protecting mobile phone users data:

PTA is working on a system called Mobile Devices Identification, Registration and Blocking System (DIRBS) with an aim to make sure that mobile devices that are not in the owner’s possession for whatsoever reason cannot be sold, imported or marketed. This step is taken to protect the data of the mobile phone user.

Also with this step mobile licenses would recognize these phone and provide information on these phones for the benefit of all.

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Installation of DIRBS:

PTA will install DIRBS that will have the hardware and software for the implementation of this whole procedure. It will provide identification of stolen or blocked cell phones, verify IMEIs of stakeholders along with registration of IMEI paired exceptions.

How to know the mobile device is compliant?

For verification of compliant cell phones, a system interface is provided by PTA that will type consent of user and stakeholders for registration and identification of IMEI shown on the device.

The format of the system:

  • It will be in accordance to issued SOP by PTA
  • Stakeholders and OEMs will have to apply to PTA for compliance certification as per the technical standards for IMEI devices

After this device will be eligible for registration.

All those devices not falling in complaint list will fall in the blacklist. Those in the blacklist will not be allowed any mobile communication services by MNO.

Users can submit their documents and prove the authenticity of their duplicated IMEI device so that they are blocked.

The media campaign will be done in order to aware people about steps necessary to verify the validity of their cell phones. Complaints will be registered of subscribers regarding any issue they are facing in their devices.


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