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Women Card Played By All Ride Hailing Companies In Pakistan

If you believe in equality between men and women, you provide both genders with equal opportunities and responsibilities. Rarely do we hear a company marketing something like ‘Men Only’ or this company is solely dedicated for ‘Men Empowerment.’ What we do come across almost every day is companies cashing on the subject ‘Women Empowerment’ and introducing projects like ‘Girls only’ or ‘Women Rise’, ‘Women on Top’ and ‘Women In the Driving Seat’ like quotes.

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Now striving for equality between men and women is commendable but solely working for women is a little unfair to the men of Pakistan.

Recently a lot of ride sharing companies are popping up in Pakistan. All of them are playing the women card to gain popularity.

Let’s look at some examples:

Women Empowerment by Careem:




Women Empowerment by Paxi:




Women Empowerment by Go Safr:



It’s great that the ride hailing companies are providing job opportunities to the women of Pakistan and encouraging them to play their part in building up the society. Let’s just not ignore our men in this whole process. For a change, we would love to hear an offer like ‘Just for Men’ so that they also feel appreciated.

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