Qmobile: Blamed For Selling Illegal Phones, Without IMEI Number


QMobile is reportedly involved in selling phones without having a valid IMEI number, QMobile is one of the top selling smartphone brand in Pakistan having the most market share in smartphones. The company is allegedly selling smartphones that have no IMEI numbers on them. Allegedly told by various news sources including Daily Pakistan.

IMEI is referred to International Mobile Equipment Identity, every cell phones bears one unique IMEI number through which it can be identified all over the globe. It is the legal responsibility of mobile manufacturers to allocate IMEI numbers to every single unit of handset before selling it in the market.

According to 92 News the smartphone market leader QMobile which pours millions of Rupees in advertisement believed to be importing sub-standard phones from China.

 What makes it aggravated that smartphones without IMEI these smartphones are sold to Tech-Savvies in the field so they can use the phones for their own purposes.

It is a serious offence internationally for using the cellphones without having physical identity, and in Pakistan it is even more dangerous, these phones can be utilized by militants to help them in breaking into the security systems.

IMEI number is also very useful tool for governments and agencies, it can be used to track the smartphone and even block it. The smartphones being sold by QMobile carry so many security concerns.

These allegations are still valid until QMobile responds to this report; QMobile is waited for their response on this issue, as they haven’t commented yet.