Razer introduces Gamer-friendly in-ear monitors called the Moray


Razer has a wide catalog of products for the gaming industry. Reportedly, the company has introduced a new set of in-ear monitors. It has been named Moray. The company states that the product is specifically designed for gamers and marathon streamers.

The first appearance of the Moray gives a glimpse of just another set of wired earbuds from Razer. However, this is not the case. These in-ear monitors should provide better noise isolation and comfort than Razer’s previous earbud offerings because they are in-ear. In-ear monitors are placed deeper in the ear canal than earbuds, which normally lay at the opening of the ear canal. This contributes to increased noise isolation.

These are also important characteristics of the Razer Moray in-ear headphones. which are ergonomically designed for all-day comfort. The hybrid dual-driver acoustic architecture, according to Razer, offers outstanding audio quality to keep you engrossed for hours on end.

Feature specifications of Moray

An earbuds pair is believed to be the best when it offers comfort and ease. The company notes that it is focusing on the comfort of the product to offer extended periods of activity. The earbuds are equipped with a low-profile ergonomic fit design. It is not obstructive at all. They perfectly fit inside the ear and prevent noise interruption from external audio sources. With this feature, consumers can use them for long hours.

Furthermore, the company claims that the Moray help reduces the pressure exerted on the head and ears as experienced with a standard headset. Such attributes help with offering a smooth tireless gaming and streaming experience. interestingly, Moray comes with 3 different types of ear tips. Users can swap and select the perfect match. Moray is protected inside a splash-resistant case that helps to keep the product safe during travel.

In order to prevent obstructions, the cable is braided and has memory loop tubing. The cable tubing in this design rests behind the ear and aids in maintaining ear position. The product is available now. It can be purchased for $129.99 from the company’s website.

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