Razer To Upgrade Older Mice With True 8000 Hz Hyperpolling

Users of some Razer gaming mice can look forward to an update. As the company reports, it is providing new firmware for five models, which significantly increases the polling rate. Once installed, 8000 Hz is possible.

Higher polling rate for older Razer mice

In 2021, Razer proudly introduced its first mouse with a polling rate of 8000 Hz – the Viper 8 kHz model. Around two years later, older models can also enjoy a significantly faster connection to the PC thanks to a simple update.

As Razer writes in a recently published article under the heading “Improving existing mice with 8000 Hz wireless polling”, the new firmware has recently been available. The models Viper V2 Pro, DeathAdder V3 Pro, Cobra Pro, Basilisk V3 Pro, and Viper V3 HyperSpeed ​​will receive an update.

The first step is to have the latest version of Razer Synapse software installed. Then you will find a link in the Synapse dashboard under compatible devices that says “Firmware update available”. One-click then takes users to the relevant page where the update can be downloaded

What are the advantages of 8000 Hz?

As Razer further writes, thanks to the new “HyperPolling” software, the models send up to 8 times more data to the PC per second. “This results in a dramatic reduction in input lag from typically 1 ms to just 0.125 ms,” the company said. In practice, micro-stutters should be avoided and smoother cursor movements should be possible.

Nevertheless, the company still allows you to customize the polling rate in the Synapse software. After the update, this is possible in several steps between 125 Hz and 8000 HZ…

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