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Real Images Of Vivo X60 Exposed

Vivo X60 Real Images

Yesterday, Vivo officially announced the new X60 series. This new device will not only be the first Samsung Exynos 1080 flagship processor but will also be equipped with a new Zeiss optical lens.

Then Chinese tipster released a number of real shots of the Vivo X60 series. The blogger said that the phone is only the entry model of the X60 series. There are three colors of the color gradient, black, and warm yellow. Special AG glass material, rear-mounted Zeiss micro-head three-camera, cloud-level module design.

As can be seen from the images, the “Zeiss Joint Research and Development” logo is printed on the packaging box, and the blue Zeiss logo also appears in the upper right corner of the lens module.

The top of the device continues the X50 design elements and representing professional photography. It is worth mentioning that the blogger also stated yesterday that the Vivo X60 is only 7.3mm thick and will become the thinnest 5G mobile phone currently available.

In addition, the Vivo X60 series will be the first Samsung Exynos 1080 flagship processor. It is reported that the Exynos 1080 processor is Samsung’s first flagship mobile processor based on the 5nm EUV FinFET process.

Using the latest ARM Cortex-A78 and Mali-G78 architecture, in order to play better resource scheduling capabilities, the chip also uses a 1+3+4 CPU core combination, which has both excellent high performance and low power consumption.

It is reported that the new device is equipped with Exynos 1080 can reach 620,000 points, and the two scores of CPU and GPU are even comparable to those of Snapdragon 865. More importantly, this time, Vivo and Zeiss jointly developed the Zeiss optical lens for the X60 series, and continued the micro-head technology of the Vivo X50 series, and upgraded to the micro-head backlight night vision 2.0.