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Reasons Why You Should Start Using Electric Vehicles

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In the world we now live in, we are all used to the long-established way of transportation. The success of the fuel industry is one great proof that worldwide, fuels have become one of the major necessities of people to better our quality of life, particularly to make our vehicles function. But one thing has been realised after the long practice of using fuel in our cars – it has great effects on our environment.

When burned, fuel releases significant pollution into the air. Elements such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, and sulphur oxide are just some pollutants and byproducts that harm the air, affecting people’s health and the surroundings.

Most of the research has found that the carbon dioxide produced by our cars is one of the primary contributors to the warming of the planet. Because of this, many nations, particularly in Europe, have been at the forefront of a push to end the sales of cars powered by internal combustion engines by the year 2035. This is a crucial and bold step to produce zero tailpipe emissions which will help lower smog and greenhouse gas emissions. 

No matter how much we ignore it, we can not deny that we are already in a century in which we are extremely experiencing the effects of global warming. Hence, now is the ideal time to act because we only have one world to live in, and we all need to contribute and make a conscious effort to save it.

Also, considering the sky-rocketing fuel prices at present that is becoming one of the most expensive things that we purchase, it is a no-brainer to explore an affordable means to move from point A to point B, and the logical response would be to transition to using an electric vehicle.

Electric Vehicles Are The Best For The Environment

Fossil fuels are required for conventional mechanical cars to run. When these kinds of cars burn fuel, they generate pollutants that contribute to the greenhouse effect. One immense contribution would be to stop using these automobiles to reduce carbon emissions.

The damage created by fuel combustion from these vehicles goes beyond the superficial effects we see with our naked eye. Starting from the extraction, filtration, and transportation of the products to gasoline stations are only the beginning of how it contributes to the environmental issues we face. When these products are purchased and burned to run vehicles, their effects do not simply end when released from the car’s tailpipes. Simply put, from production up to usage, fuel products make a large portion of why our environment, or the planet in general, is deteriorating.

This is why the globally accepted European emission standard is now Euro 4 for vehicles that run on petrol and Euro 6 for those who use diesel. In efforts to keep up and help with the growing issue, traditional automakers have cut the amount of carbon dioxide by upgrading the engine of conventional cars to reduce carbon dioxide emissions of conventional motor vehicles.

On the brighter side, electric vehicles (EVs) are now available in the market and continue to be a more favourable and better alternative mode of transportation. Electric cars, over the course of their lifetime, produce only half the amount of carbon emissions that a conventional vehicle does, making them a great deal and more beneficial to the environment. Plus, its entire life cycle is substantially more sustainable.

Going Electric Means Saving You Gas Money

Since the price of fuels is continuously rising, switching from a conventional car to an electric one is a prudent choice from a financial point of view. Considering the price of fuel versus electricity per kWh, it is obvious why going electric can save your pocket. 

While incurring an increase in your electricity bill is true if you opt to have a home charging station, replacing a conventional petrol or diesel car with an EV will still cost you less to run. Also, there are options if you wish to use a public charging station wherein the cost of charging varies depending on the power rating (slow, fast or rapid). 

Many car owners are sceptical about the transition with the usual concern of how often they will have to recharge their vehicle’s battery. For example, let’s say you have a trip planned that will take you 500 miles, but your EV’s battery only has the capacity to last about 350 miles. In instances like this, you will need to charge it before it runs out of juice or takes the risk of getting stuck somewhere before arriving at your destination. This makes people think that owning an EV can be impractical and inconvenient.

With the growing concerns like this, the majority of manufacturers of EVs have already cooperated with this need. As a result, more car charging stations are now available, with more than 100,000 electric car charge points across Europe. So, any electric car owner does not need to worry about spending too much time and resources just to get their vehicle charged.

Furthermore, because we live in a digital era where everything can be paid for and purchased online, charging your electric vehicles can also be conveniently bought and paid for using an EV charging app. Besides saving you money with the company’s excellent rates, you don’t have to worry about having multiple apps anymore, as it will allow you to access thousands of charging stations from many locations using only one account, even without your radio frequency identification (RFID) tags.

Electric Car Maintenance Is Cheaper

Conventional autos have a higher pricing cost than EVs when it comes to maintenance and services. Suppose you drive a gas-powered vehicle. Besides the Preventive Maintenance Schedule you usually adhere to, you will always need to consider parts that you need to refill or change, such as Spark plugs and Transmission oil after a certain amount of mileage, regardless of whether you have a manual or automatic transmission.

To put that into perspective. Multiple reasons contribute to the fact that the costs of maintaining an all-electric car are typically cheaper than those associated with conventional vehicles. For one, when it comes to basic maintenance, the battery pack, the motor, and the electronics that go along with them require very little to no attention. 

Also, fewer fluids need to be checked and refilled constantly, like the engine oil, which reduces the amount of work that needs to be done. Another factor is the number of brake wear that takes place with EVs is significantly reduced as a direct result of the utilisation of regenerative braking.

Compared with a conventional internal combustion engine, an EV has a significantly reduced number of moving parts. This means fewer parts need to be maintained because of wear and tear, which results in lesser cost and more savings.

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