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Redmi issues a warning about Liquid UV screen protectors

Redmi by Xiaomi

When it comes to screen protectors, one of the most popular options is the liquid UV adhesive screen protectors. They are quite famous for use with devices that feature curved display. Well, did you know that such protectors could be potentially risky? Redmi, a subbrand of Xiaomi, has issued a warning to its customers on the possible risks associated with using liquid UV adhesive screen protectors.

Besides protecting the screens, the liquid adhesive inside these protectors can leak into sensitive areas like the speaker holes, charging port, and the buttons of the device. Due to this, users can experience problems like button malfunction, damaged phone’s case, and unexpected device restarts. Above all, Xiaomi makes clear that installing this kind of screen protector may cause the warranty on your device to expire. That implies that the user would be responsible for paying for any repairs necessary to fix any harm brought on by the installation of the screen protector.

Experienced users can avoid the problems associated with installation of liquid UV screen protectors but the risks relevant to improper installation can’t be ruled out. The company recommends other screen protection practices which include use of non-tempered or tempered glass, or electrostatic films. Such approaches eliminate the risks associated with liquid intrusion.

Recently, Apple shared its guidelines for users for drying up a wet iPhone. According to the company, users must avoid placing wet devices in a bag of rice. Apple also advises against using external heat sources to dry the device and sticking cotton swabs, paper towels, or other similar items into the charging connector. Taking such measures could cause the phone more damage. As an alternative, Apple suggests unplugging the charging cable, giving the iPhone a few taps to get rid of any extra liquid, and letting it air dry for at least half an hour in an area with good ventilation.

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