Redmi K60 Extreme Edition Among The First To Receive HyperOS

Redmi is set to make a significant leap in the smartphone industry with the upcoming release of the Redmi K60 Supreme Edition, which will be the first to officially support the new HyperOS. This announcement was made by Xiaomi Group’s Zhang Yu on his personal Weibo account, indicating that the Redmi K60 Supreme Edition will be among the first batch of devices to adapt to the official version of HyperOS.

The Redmi K60 Supreme Edition is poised to become the first flagship smartphone running on the Tianji platform to feature HyperOS. HyperOS has undergone a comprehensive bottom-layer reconstruction. At its core, Xiaomi has fused its self-developed Vela system kernel with a deeply modified Linux system kernel.

This fusion has led to significant improvements in performance scheduling, task management, memory management, and file management, resulting in substantial enhancements in performance and efficiency.

This new hybrid kernel supports over 200 processor platforms and more than 20 types of file systems. It can be flexibly configured according to the hardware capabilities, offering excellent compatibility and fully unleashing the performance of each individual device.

At the uppermost layer, the HyperConnect cross-end layer, Xiaomi has enabled all devices to use a unified connection protocol and real-time communication. This development is part of Xiaomi’s vision to build an intelligent world encompassing “people, vehicles, and homes” in a fully integrated ecosystem.

The introduction of the Redmi K60 Supreme Edition with HyperOS marks a significant milestone for Xiaomi and Redmi, showcasing their commitment to innovation and their ability to adapt and lead in the ever-evolving smartphone market.

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