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Removing Comments Section? Build a Strategy to Get More Comments

Have you ever wondered to remove the comments section and get rid of the comment spammers? I bet you did. And even if you didn’t think of removing comments section, you (at least) would be tired of all those spam comments, right? If I’m not wrong, we all are galled by those irrelevant, self-proclaiming, and ridiculous comments. We all want to hunt them down (not literally). But those comments take half of our hopes. And it feels as if it’s worth stop writing.

But fellas never lose your hope and never stop writing (until you don’t want to write anymore). In this post, I’m giving you a piece of advice to fight the battle of spam comments and win it with striking comments.

First, have a look what we’ll be talking about:

  • Spam comments
  • Purpose of comments (briefly)
  • How to tackle spam comments?
  • How could you garner your comments section?

So, let’s get be to business.

Spam Comments

A spam comment is not a science. Any comment that is irrelevant, unclear or self-promoting is a spam comment. You’d encounter many spam comments, being an editor or admin of a blog. And you’d then identify which one you need and which you don’t.

Spam comments could be categorized in some very common types, like:

Closed-end comments

Removing Comments Section - Closed End Comments

Where nothing hurts to reply with a one-liner. But such comments are invaluable. And are considered spam. And you usually don’t want them. They don’t give you or others a chance to take the conversation ahead.

(Having said that, you’d add them if the commenter is valuable asset to your blog.)

Self-proclaiming comments


A few flattering lines and then a link to promote oneself. No purpose and no use for you.Not a tiny place for such comments.

Not a tiny place for such comments.

Off-the-topic comments


This comment is marked as spam and will never get an approval. This is completely off the shelf. Hosting, really? No one talked about it in the blog. But this fella is so genius!

Copied comments


This comment is just a copied statement from the same post. Again, no serving comment. Unfortunately, some consider this viable and approve them. But you aren’t as dumb as this editor who approved the comment!

What Purpose Comments Serve?

A comment section serves various purposes. They help you engage with your audience, help them know more about you and talk about the information you shared, help you build your network stronger, and also they help your site ranking to boost up. But how? The answer to this is always important.

When you have an active comments section, people will throw some questions. Some questions about the blog or asking for your opinion. If you answer them vigorously, the purpose is served. And they know where to catch you the next time.

As for the network building, blogging is nonetheless a way to promote, a way to engage, and a way to market. Your audience comes to read your posts, ask questions, and if interesting, they will start following you. There you have a way to build a strong network of connection.

How do comments help you with site ranking? Simple, search engines, specifically Google, love websites with high-quality content. Comments also make a part of your content. And when you have a healthy and garnering content, whether in shape of blog posts or comments, your website or blog grabs search engines’ attention. And there you have a grooming site ranking.

So this is how your comments are serving different purposes.

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Tackling the Spamming Commenters

Now that you know what the spam comments are, their purpose as a whole, and you could figure out their importance, it’s high time to talk about how to tackle the spam comments?

The very first and basic rule to control spamming is in your hand. You, being the editor, have the rights to approve every comment before they reach the wide audience. If you’re a starter, you won’t be getting high comments. But nothing to worry. All you need is keep on writing and keep on engaging.

First to do is – never allow auto publishing of the comments. An auto-approving will give the spammers an upper hand. They will take on your comments section with dirty comments (not literally dirty but could be). They could be doing their work and you would be far beyond. So never select the auto-approval option.

Second, when you do it yourself, you would then know which comments to approve and which don’t need to be approved. Choose the best in terms of relevance and quality and then approve them.

Once you’re done posting your blog, make time to review every comment every day. Make a time for it. It isn’t a game of a day or two. You need to keep the track all the time. If you are too distracted to keep the check yourself, hire an editor. At early stages, you wouldn’t be needing an editor but as the time starts flying and your blog is jumping the top pages, you might need to consider this advice. But whatever your strategy is, just don’t withhold the quality commenters.

Next would seem to deceive your audience. With rights of an editor or an administrator, you can do a lot with the spam comments. You can put them on hold, can reject them, approve them or even can manipulate them. Yes, you heard me right. If you find too many bogus entries and you feel like removing comments section, you could think of another way, edit the spam content. Edit the unwanted comments. Make them sound more interesting and useful. Remove the link if completely out of the way or replace it with something good. BUT, don’t get used to this. If you keep on doing this, you’d develop a habit of spamming yourself, and you don’t want this.

And lastly, never run away from your comments section. If we say – content is the king, the links to be the queen, then we at least must give comments the rank of the pawns. These pawns seem weak and slow in movement, but if dealt wisely, they could become your strongest weapon to defeat your enemy (the spammers).

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How to Garner Your Comments?

Now time to talk about the tip of the day – provoking quality comments. Top runners have always been in the search to compete with evilness around the web. They defeat one force and the other is ready to strive again. This time, to beat the spam comment producers, MOZ came with an idea to beat them, big time.

In the post published on 11th October on Moz, it was suggested to add your own comment by the end of the blog post. They’d given us some figures proving that it really worked for them. And if it worked for them, surely it would do some good to us. So, simply ask your audience a question. A question that gives a way to start a conversation. A question that’s going to add some extra spice to your own blog. This would act as an invitation for those who really want to communicate. And would put barriers for those who just landed to add gibberish to your comments section. This new way is going to be very healthy for your content, overall.


You may have encountered some blogs removing comments section. But this is a loss of an opportunity. A better way to deal with spammers is to build a wall which separates the haters from lovers.

If you’d start trying this new tactic with your blogs from now on, I hope you’d see a decline in the spam comments and a rise in the quality comments.

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