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Ride-hailing company Uber in Islamabad/Rawalpindi is reforming its strategies benefiting both the drivers and riders

The ride-hailing company Uber in Islamabad/Rawalpindi earlier came up with an easy package of PKR 350 per hour if a Uber Partner (driver) doesn’t get any ride for an hour while staying online on the system. But from May 10, the company made some changes due to the misuse of this easy package of PKR 350/hr.

Uber launched its operations in Islamabad/Rawalpindi on April 27. It was one of the largest launches when more 1,000 cars got registered before the launch period and more than 800 cars were online on the very first day of its launch.

The ride-hailing company Uber in Islamabad/Rawalpindi initially offered PKR 350 for an hour when no new ride request is received to the Uber driver. This was the minimum guaranteed amount offered by the company and was an easy way to make loads of wealth.

Ride-sharing company Uber lets you earn an easy PKR 49,000/month using your car in Islamabad/Rawalpindi

However, this offer was somehow misused by few Uber partners (vendors and drivers). They found a way to fool the ride-sharing company by staying in areas where no frequent rides are received. The led the drivers to make huge bucks in short time but wasn’t favored by the company. So the company made some changes starting May 10.

From now on, drivers are expected to maintain an average TPH (trips per hour) of 0.8. Which means if a driver works 10 hours a day, it’s mandatory for him/her to get at least 8 rides during these hours.

The drivers will charge riders for the distance traveled and if the fare is less than PKR 350, the company would pay the difference. For example, if a driver earns PKR 100 for a ride in an hour, the company would reward the driver PKR 250 to fulfill its promise. So the total amount the driver would get for that hour is PKR 350 (100 from the rider + 250 from Uber).

This might sound a bit harsh decision. But the company has to filter out those fooling the company from those really intending to work and make money with Uber.

The ride-sharing company also has reduced ride fares to 50%. But unlike last week’s offer, anyone could avail this 50% off on rides without having the need to use a promotional code. This would help bring more new ride requests to Uber drivers and they’ll be able to meet the targets set by the company.

This new reformation might sound crucial but if an Uber Partner (vendor/driver) is serious to make money and is a real hard worker, this wouldn’t be an issue. The company is also finding new ways which could bring benefit to all.

The new plans would be rolled out soon.

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