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Peshawar: Online E Bidding System Launched For Government Tenders

On Wednesday, 10th May 2017, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa government successfully launched the first ever e-bidding system. The practical implementation of the system was also initiated as the first e-tender was awarded through this system in Peshawar Town-I office.

E-bidding system is an online event in which a buyer and two or more sellers take part. The negotiations rules are set beforehand and the event is electronically conducted. Establishing the system in Peshawar is a healthy and positive achievement.

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According to a press release that was issued by the administration, transparency remains the highest priority for the provincial government in this system. Moreover the whole procedure was online, a screen was installed at Town-I office and the contracts was awarded to the lowest bidders. All contractors, nominees and stakeholders saw this procedure.

This system ensures fairness and equality in contract awarding process. There used to be a close knit of contractors who used to deal within themselves, now e-bidding system would reduce this procedure.

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