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Youtube TV Multiview enables the streaming of four games on Samsung TV

Last year, YouTube teased an amazing concept i.e., the Multiview feature. Recent reports indicate that the company has now officially announced the anticipated feature. The multiview feature will enable users to watch four different streams simultaneously. However, for the initial phase, the streams will be pre-selected. The streams include matches and sports events. Interestingly, the latest feature by YouTube is available on Samsung Smart TVs based on Tizen OS.

The Multiview feature only supports sports content

In August 2022, some rumors suggested that YouTube is working on a Multiview feature. It was also referred to as Mosaic Mode. Do note that the feature is not applicable to regular television programs. Rather it is only available for sports and matches. Therefore, the feature can be really helpful for sports enthusiasts. YouTube has introduced the Multiview feature as part of March Madness. Currently, the feature is presented to a few users.

How does the Multiview feature work?

Users can watch max four games simultaneously. They can be viewed in either two side-by-side, three (two above and one below), or four in a 2×2 grid. Besides this, users can swap audio and captions between streams. Moreover, they can toggle between a full-screen view of the game. Such a feature avoids the hassle of switching channels over and over.

How to access the Multiview feature on your Samsung TV?

On your Samsung TV’s YouTube TV app, under the Top Picks for You section, choose the multiview option. After it’s finished, you’ll get an email and, if you have access, a notification will appear.

Initially, the feature is presented with limited content. However, in the future, the company might expand its portfolio across its massive content library.

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