Samsung and MediaTek collaborate to achieve the fastest 5G upload speed record

Samsung Network is growing continuously over the course of the previous few years. it is considered one of the best international providers of communication equipment. Just recently, the South Korean firm declared that it has accomplished a breakthrough in 5G upload speed. Notably, the target was achieved in partnership with MediaTek. The testing concluded by the two businesses in Samsung’s lab in Suwon, South Korea.

As per the information, the record speeds were recorded on a 5G Standalone network. It was accompanied by 2CC CA (Carrier Aggregation) with C Band featuring MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output). During the testing procedure, C-Band Massive MIMO radios of Samsung were utilized. In addition to this, a vDU (virtualized Distributed Unit), and a 5G core were also part of the test.

A test device from MediaTek with the new M80-based CPU chipset was able to upload data at a high speed of 363Mbps. It used one channel and three antennas at different frequencies (1,900MHz, 3.7GHz, and 3.7GHz). This speed is quite close to the setup’s theoretical maximum. It is believed that such a tech revolution will improve network upload speeds as soon as it becomes available for consumer products. For instance, it will enable a smooth multiplayer gaming experience, video conferencing on the go, and live video streaming at high resolution.

“We are thrilled that we and MediaTek have successfully made this industry breakthrough, providing more effectiveness and performance to consumer devices. Increased uplink speeds open up new options and could drastically alter user experiences. This accomplishment highlights our dedication to using the most cutting-edge technologies to enhance our clients’ networks, said Dongwoo Lee, Head of the Technology Solution Group at Samsung Networks.

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