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Samsung Backs 18 Startups With C-Lab Program

Samsung C-Lab

Samsung has decided to carry on C-Lab, the incubator of innovative projects announced at the end of 2018 when artificial intelligence had been the master. There were over 500 companies participating in this year’s program, but only 18 managed to surprise the Korean company with their innovative ideas.

The winning startups will get dedicated space in the Samsung R&D research center in Seoul, mentoring with the Korean company’s experts, participation in local and international trade shows, and commercial support of up to KRW 100 million for one year according to Business Korea.

The complete list follows.

  1. DeepX: South Korea’s first AI-based hardware solutions company that is improving technology for IoT, AR, VR, drones, smart devices, smart cards, and security cameras.
  2. mAy’I: A company working to innovate the customer experience in developing AI for offline scenarios
  3. Omnious: a startup that uses artificial intelligence to improve online shopping by automatically tagging products, offering recommendations, and analyzing trends.
  4. Select Star: a platform that collects AI-based learning data through crowdsourcing.
  5. Bitsensing: develops radar technology to build smart cars and smart cities. Its technologies can also be used in surveillance, healthcare, rescue, smart homes, and buildings.
  6. MindCafe: Provides an ‘ Anonymous Mobile Heart Healing Service’ for those with mental problems.
  7. Litness: an at-home training service that offers interactive interaction between instructors and users.
  8. MultiplEYE: manufactures the depth sensing and omnidirectional vision hardware and software for drones and autonomous vehicles.
  9. Perseus: a company that develops car technology compatible with the main operating systems and suppliers of connected car hardware. Improve compatibility between various automotive hardware and software solutions using Perseus Hypervisor.
  10. DoubleMe: Company that develops a 3D capture system and the technology to convert 2D videos into dynamic 3D models in real-time for games, 3D animations, AR, VR, 3D printing, and more.
  11. PresenceBuild products that help teams and colleagues communicate easily and spontaneously using voice chat and voice transcription.
  12. Verses: Create experiences where everyone can enjoy music through interaction.
  13. Platfos: A mobile gift card platform that allows anyone to purchase or redeem gift cards at various online or offline stores.
  14. Digisonic: a company that creates creative and engaging media that combine spatial audio with AR / VR.
  15. Waddle: Company that helps people with vision problems to shop online conveniently.
  16. Pet Now – Build pet apps and allow owners to store critical information about their pets.
  17. Dot: A company that aims to make it easier and faster for the blind to get the information they need.
  18. Silvia Health: online diagnostic service that prevents the presence of diseases through the eyes, speech patterns, and tactile analysis.
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