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Samsung beats Google in updates

With the Android operating system, Samsung apparently wants to improve the update range for its high-end products in the future. According to a document made public in advance, updates to the operating system are planned for four years. Leak specialist Evan Blass spoke yesterday about his new newsletter has released the complete press material for the presentation of the new top smartphones of Samsung’s Galaxy S22 series and the Galaxy Tab S8 series that will be launched simultaneously.

The press release for the new Tab S8 tablets also contains a passage in which Samsung announces the improved update offer. According to the document, Samsung plans to roll out new versions of Google’s Android operating system to its new flagship S22 series smartphones and Tab S8 series tablets over a four-year period. It is expressly stated that “up to four generations of Android OS upgrades” should be offered.

New regulations to S21 series and foldables

At the same time, it states that security updates for the devices will be released over a period of five years. This considerably extends the life cycle of the new smartphones and tablets, according to Samsung in the press release. In addition, Samsung indicates that it wants to expand the project “across the product line-up and the Galaxy ecosystem”. Whether this also means that for other, cheaper smartphones a significantly longer update offer must be made, is still open. However, the document already contains good news for owners of two older Samsung Galaxy product lines. According to the fine print of the newspaper, the extended update promise also applies to the top smartphones in the Galaxy S21 series launched last year and the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

The latest foldable smartphones should also receive the same, unprecedentedly good update offer since the Galaxy Z Flip3 and the Galaxy Z Fold3 are also included. With the latest announcement, Samsung is way ahead of the competition in the field of Android. Even Google has only officially promised its new Pixel 6 smartphones to provide operating system upgrades over a period of up to three years. The rest of the Android world is already in bad shape when it comes to delivering operating system upgrades to smartphones. For Samsung, this point is clearly developing into a unique selling point, especially since the Korean electronics giant has been providing updates for significantly longer than most of its competitors.

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