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Samsung Galaxy S22 to use plastic from recycled fishing nets

Although the Galaxy S22 has been extensively leaked, there is only so much that you can see from renders. Samsung created a new material for the Galaxy S22, made of plastic from discarded fishing nets.

Samsung claims it will soon “incorporate recycled ocean-bound plastics” throughout its entire product line. The Galaxy devices that were unveiled at the Unpacked event on Wednesday, February 9th, are the first examples. Samsung has not made any specific statements about the use of the material in the construction of the Galaxy devices.

Samsung cites a report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations stating that 640,000 tons of fishing wires are discarded each year in the oceans. In a blog article, the company stated that “discarded fishing nets are disrupting our delicate environment at an alarming pace.” It is an important first step in conserving our oceans and protecting our planet’s future. However, it is only a first step. Samsung will undoubtedly highlight this on Wednesday when the new Galaxy devices are launched. The event starts at 10 AM ET.


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