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Samsung can now develop gaming Chromebooks featuring RGB keyboards


Last updated: January 28th, 2022 at 18:30 UTC+01:00

Samsung could soon have the means to develop a gaming Chromebook if hasn’t already started. New code found in Chrome OS indicates that Google is adding support for RGB keyboards, which is a feature that’s generally associated with gaming. More importantly, evidence suggests that Google updated the code in preparation for unreleased full-fledged Chromebooks in development, rather than RGB keyboard peripherals.
Google has added support for RGB keyboard to Chrome OS for at least two unreleased Chromebooks codenamed “Vell” and “Taniks.” They appear to be developed by Quanta and LCFC for HP and Lenovo, respectively, and they have no connection to Samsung, as far as we can tell.

Samsung may not be the first to use RGB, but could still use it

Even though the codenames “Vell” and “Taniks” aren’t related to Samsung, the company’s recent focus on the gaming market is observable, with recent developments including the AMD-fueled Exynos 2200 SoC and the Gaming Hub platform. And last year, it launched the Galaxy Book Odyssey featuring the RTX 3050 Ti GPU.
With that in mind, the possibility of Samsung using this new RGB keyboard feature in Chrome OS for a future — and its first — gaming Chromebook shouldn’t be ignored.
Speaking of the company that made the RTX 3050 Ti — Nvidia — last summer, it demonstrated the RTX 3060 on an ARM-based Kompanio 1200 chipset, the latter of which will be used in some future high-end Chromebooks. They might not be developed by Samsung, but if the company wants to compete in this portable notebook market and gain relevance in the gaming space, it could find a way to harness AMD’s or Nvidia’s graphics prowess for its own gaming Chromebook.
Last but not least, Steam — one of the world’s largest gaming platforms — could be coming to Chrome OS soon. So, with an increasing number of developers seemingly gaining more interest in making Chromebooks capable of gaming, we’re certainly looking forward to Samsung’s next move.
Will the company release a gaming Chromebook with an RGB keyboard this year? We’ll wait and see, but if it did, it might help Samsung solidify its newfound ambitions in the gaming market.
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