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Samsung Caught Misleading Consumers On Water Resistance by ACCC

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has claimed that Samsung Phones are not water resistant IP68 compatible as advertised, the authority has announced on July 4 that it will take Samsung to court for misleading consumers.

The Australian watchdog has two main issues with Samsung, first, Samsung advertising claims that the Galaxy phone under 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes or less would not affect the phone. Second, Samsung phones with IP68 certification only applies to fresh water.

ACCC observed around 300 Samsung ads claiming that IP68 certified phones are technically water resistant and not waterproof. IP67 phones such as Samsung Galaxy S5 are resistant for 30 minutes or less for 1 meter or less depth but ACCC referred to the phone advertised from 2016 onwards.

ACCC also claims that Samsung has turned down warranty claims by the customers saying that their phones were damaged due to water. ACCC also noted that Samsung very own website claims that Galaxy S10 is not advertised for pools and beaches.

ACCC chairperson Rod Sims said, “Samsung advertisements falsely claim that Samsung Galaxy phones are water resistant and they are suitable for any type of water e.g. fresh, ocean, swimming pool or beaches, but Samsung Galaxy phones are not actually water resistant as described in the advertisements.”

Samsung has shown people to use their phone in the situations they shouldn’t use in order to attract customers, Sims added. Samsung said the company has noted the allegations of ACCC and it will defend it in the court. Samsung stands by its advertisements and marketing efforts to promote its products, we also provide customers with free remedies if the phone comes under the manufacturer’s warranty. Samsung put consumers at top and committed to act in favor of customers, Samsung said in a statement.

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