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Samsung collaborates with Internet Matters to celebrate Safe Internet Day

The Internet has its own pros and cons. It is equally beneficial as well as harmful for users across the world. But besides all this, it is a great tool in the world. However, users are always on the verge of getting tricked and trapped. Some of them end up sharing their personal details across the websites. They even become subject to malware-infected websites. Despite all such odds, some organizations work hard to make the internet a better and safe place for users. one such case is with Internet Matters. Internet Matters is based in the UK.

The recent pieces of information predict that the South Korean tech company Samsung has collaborated with Internet Matters concerning the annual Safe Internet Day. And this is not possible the first time that Samsung has partnered with Internet matters for the celebration of Safe Internet Day.

This year it will be the 20th anniversary of Safe Internet Day. The organization has today sent invitations to young people for joining the panel of webinars. According to the reports, Bombusa from Internet Matters and Maristelle Pearce from Eikon will serve their duties as hosts for the webinar. Both will communicate their experience to the audiences. They will provide the audiences with guidelines and awareness by using practical tools and active conversations.

In addition to this, the team has organized an interesting quiz-based tool for participants. It is termed The Online Together Project. It consists of several phases. The first is related to confronting gender stereotypes. Furthermore, a module that focuses on online hate will be introduced quite soon. Since 2017, Samsung UK and Internet Matters have been partners. The tech firm states that Samsung will continue with its efforts to motivate and encourage young people safe online. The company will make sure that people have access to knowledge and tools that are required for using the internet safely.

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