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Samsung Display obtains the enigmatic FlexMirror trademark

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It’s not even a whole decade since the tech company Samsung has been working on the development of display technology. As of now, the company has finally reached a point where it can begin with the commercialization of foldable panels. A few years back, the company introduced the first-ever flexible display tech. It was featured with the Galaxy Fold. Since then, the tech firm has tried and tested every possible type of form factor. It even displayed some of the designs like the Flex Hybrid display trade shows. As of now, the tech firm has applied for another Flex-related trademark.

KIPRIS abbreviates for Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service. It is a database. The recent information from KIPRIS suggests that the Samsung Display is trying to obtain the “FlexMirror” brand. However, the purpose behind this is uncertain. Where the term ‘Flex’ is associated with the foldable and rollable display introduced by Samsung. As per reports, the company applied for the FlexMirror trademark on February 6, 2023.

Well, it can’t be depicted from the name what the company is up to. What will be brought forward with this trademark? However, the name does suggest that it could either have some reflective properties or not. Besides this, it could be that the tech firm wants to save this name merely without releasing something based on FlexMirror. Well, time will clarify things.

In the same domain, the tech company recently introduced Flex In and Flex Out. It is reportedly a panel that can be folded both ways. It can fold on the inside similar to the one presented with the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip smartphone series. On the other hand, it could also fold outward similar to the one offered with devices such as the Huawei Mate XS.

Later at some point in 2023, the tech company aims to introduce the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5. It could be anticipated that both devices will preserve the form factor created by the series. Besides this, it is rumored that the forthcoming devices will be introduced with new upgrades and improved hinge technology.

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