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Samsung Delays Android 10 Update For Some Smartphones

South Korean Giant Samsung has changed its schedule for rolling out updates to Android 10 in European countries. A number of devices, therefore, experience delays, although it is unclear what the reason is for this.

The most probable reason seems to be Coronavirus Pandemic as it is currently affecting all the business sectors around the world.

As the colleagues from the AllAboutSamsung report, the Android 10 update for the Samsung Galaxy Fold was postponed from April to May 2020, for example. This is particularly surprising because the Galaxy Fold is still one of the absolute flagship devices and defacto is even the most expensive smartphone in the company’s entire portfolio.

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The other changes in the schedule probably affect devices that are not as much in the focus of the manufacturer as last year’s flagship models or variants that are sold particularly often. For example, the date for the Galaxy A80 changes from March to May 2020, while the extremely frequently sold devices such as the Galaxy A40, A50 and A70 stick to the planned dates in April and May.

The owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 will also have to wait for the update. An update to Android 10 is already being delivered internationally in some countries, but it seems to be taking a while in Europe. In this case, Samsung has specifically postponed the “update” date from April to May 2020.

In addition, there are a few other cases in which Samsung recently revised its update planning for German customers. In general, the dates mentioned by Samsung from the company’s Android Q update schedule are only guidelines, so that there may be fluctuations – whether due to an earlier or later release.

One of the possible reasons for the delays is, among other things, necessary adjustments for the German version. In addition, Samsung, as a global company, is of course also affected by the effects of the spread of the novel Coronavirus, which of course could also have caused problems during the development of the updates.

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