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Samsung Display buys American microdisplay manufacturer eMagin

eMagin is a New York-based microdisplay manufacturer. As per some fresh pieces of information, the South Korean conglomerate has acquired the microdisplay manufacturer. The deal is worth $218 million nearly. The agreement is expected to be settled by H2 2023. Until then, both companies will work independently of one another. The announcement from eMagin states that after the acquisition is closed, the company will continue to run its operations from its current offices in Hopewell Junction, New York.

Samsung Display and eMagin sign a merger deal

eMagin was founded back in 1996. It has proficiency in the OLED Microdisplay industry. for several years, eMagin has provided various industry-first microdisplay solutions. The microdisplay solutions provided by eMagin are smaller than an inch and have the capacity to provide extremely high resolution. They are known to provide 2,600 PPI (pixels per inch). On the other hand, smartphone displays offer as high as 500 PPI.

The main competitive area of eMagin is screen brightness. Recently, the company has exhibited the WUXGA tech. It is known as the industry’s brightest WUXGA (1920×1200) full-color OLED microdisplay. It offers the highest peak brightness of 15,000 nits. The company has crossed its own record of 10,000 nits brightness which was recorded back in 2021.

eMagin utilizes a unique direct-emission OLED microdisplay technology to attain such high levels of brightness. Such an approach is helpful for high brightness as compared to color-filter-based displays. Since it does not damage pixels. Due to this unique technology, eMagin has acquired multiple million-dollar investments from big tech companies like LG, Apple, Valve, and some other big names in the industry in the past.

In addition to this, eMagin has worked with Meta and Samsung as well. It has also worked with many industry giants, including Meta and Samsung Display. But in order to buy eMagin altogether, the latter is now offering a price that is roughly 10% higher. Well, this is not surprising at all. Since Samsung was interested in eMagin’s OLED microdisplay technology. The reports about this merger have been around since October 2022 and now finally the deal seems to be closed between the two companies.

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