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Samsung expert fired after talking about working for free

Electronics manufacturer Samsung uses external company Ibbü for chat support on its site. After an expert showed that the work is often not reimbursed, Ibbü fired the ex-employee without further ado. A month ago The verge has published a report on the working conditions of experts who answer chat requests on the official website Samsung.com. Employees use the Ibbü app to have conversations. However, the experts are not paid a fixed hourly wage. Instead, the freelancers only receive a commission when a product is sold. If a conversation does not lead to the sale of a smartphone or other device, the experts will not be paid a salary for that time. The customers using the chat may not be aware of this.

Jennifer Larson, a former Samsung expert, started working for Ibbü in December 2019. In the beginning, she could earn between $800 and $1,200 a week from sales pitches for forms like Otterbox and Life Group. While the experts aren’t required to handle regular support requests, Ibbü and Samsung entice staff to turn the chats into a sales pitch.

Bugs cause dissatisfied customers

The experts have to reach a certain customer satisfaction percentage in order not to be fired. Since there are frequent outages on the Samsung site, lately there have been a lot of questions from irritated customers, who then also leave a bad reviews. Many chats were forwarded to Ibbü’s employees. Just a day after the report was published, Jennifer Larson’s account was suspended. According to The verge the expert was eventually fired. The parent company iAdvize has sent her a cancellation email. An Ibbü spokesperson claims the ban has nothing to do with the report. Instead, an audit found that Jennifer Larson violated the terms of use and used the platform for private conversations.

She also allegedly shared confidential information on social networks and shared links to third-party sites in chats. In addition to Jennifer Larson, two other experts who shared information with The Verge and who were not named in the report were also denied access to Samsung chats. An employee was suspended after posting a link to the article on his LinkedIn page. However, unlike Larson, the experts still have the option to take on other duties at Ibbü.