Samsung Foundry and TSMC will fabricate Snapdragon chips

In the past years, the South Korean conglomerate Samsung has faced criticism over its less efficient semiconductor fabrication process. For this reason, the company had to lose major clients like Nvidia and Qualcomm to TSMC. However, with time, the company has wiped out all the shortcomings. Samsung’s new 3nm and 2nm processes are attracting customers, including Qualcomm. Additionally, Qualcomm has stated that even though TSMC produces its flagship processor at the moment, it will still collaborate with Samsung Foundry.

TSMC and Samsung Foundry will be used by Qualcomm to produce Snapdragon chips

In a statement to South Korean media, Alex Katuzian, Qualcomm’s Senior Vice President, said that the company can figure out which foundry has the best process technology. Currently, the new lineup of Snapdragon processors is handled by both Samsung Foundry and TSMC. Qualcomm offers equal opportunity for all foundry companies.

He further stated that the selection of a foundry relies basically on the company’s roadmap. Given Qualcomm’s requirement, Cristiano Amon, CEO of Qualcomm, reiterated that the business is forced to use both foundries. Additionally, he stated that Qualcomm is keeping an eye on foundries that lead the industry. Qualcomm’s Senior Vice President added that Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics have a strong 30 years of collaboration with one another, particularly with the Samsung MX.

One thing to notice here is that the company officials refused to share the details of the foundry that will receive the manufacturing of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 4. Some reports suggest that the company might choose Samsung Foundry’s 3nm process for some of its chips. A few days ago, Samsung Foundry CTO shared that the company is discussing the possibilities for utilizing 1.4nm and 2nm process nodes with some big companies.

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